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The Ippon Invitation Tournament (click the link to visit the tournament website)


The Academy organises an annual tournament specifically designed for the pupils we teach, both within main stream clubs and within our school clubs. Called the Ippon Invitation Tournament, it is a developmental event aimed at those new to or less experienced in judo competition and is suitable for those youngsters who may experience judo only through their school judo club.  It is open for those between the ages of 5 and 15 and who are an Orange Belt and below.


Youngsters are placed in groups of 4 where possible and also with others of the same grade, experience and size as as is possible.  Entry is limited but all of the students from our after-school judo clubs and classes and a few mainstream judo clubs are invited to take part each year.

The date and venue of the next event is published on the events own website The Ippon Invitation Tournament and invitations are issued to specific after-school, hub and mainstream judo clubs at the start of each year.

For further details just email us.

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