What do we do?

The Academy provides opportunities to learn the fascinating and fun Olympic sport of judo by bringing it direct to schools and colleges. Subject to availability, we can provide curriculem based lessons and pre/after-school clubs.  Our very experienced, fully qualified and award winning coaches will deliver fun and enjoyable classes for all ages and abilities and will supply all the equipment needed.  We work in partnership with two community based clubs to provide an avenue tinto mainstream judo club for those who may be interested.


We aim to;

  • introduce judo to many more children and young adults;

  • provide a smooth pathway to mainstream judo;

  • provide a safe and secure environment where our fully qualified coaches deliver interesting, fun and educational classes;

  • increase the participation of girls and women in the sport;

  • increase participation from hard to reach groups such as those with disabilities;

We are certified by the national governing body for judo in the UK, the British Judo Association, as 'Approved Providers' ensuring high quality coaching and delivery. 

For Primary Schools looking to increase participation in sport, our classes are a cost-effective way to engage children in a fun Olympic sport by using your PRIMARY PE and SPORT PREMIUM funding.  Find out more by following the link.

After-school clubs

If you are looking for a exciting and fun way to offer cost-effective and interesting after-school provision, contact us to ask about our popular and fun after-school judo clubs.

We come to you and provide everything needed.

​​What is judo?

Judo is a popular Olympic sport practiced by over 20 million people around the world and was created in Japan in 1882.  Judo is a fun activity for all ages, abilities, body shape and for both boys and girls.  Judo involves no kicking or punching and the aim is to physically outmaneuver your partner using skilful throwing techniques.  A lot of emphasis is placed on discipline and self control and the benefits of judo are numerous.  


Apart from having a lot of fun, the ‘judoka’ (judo student) will develop confidence, coordination and balance.  It is the perfect activity for improving all round physical fitness, improving aerobic capacity, flexibility, stamina and strength.


​​How will the lessons be structured?

Classes will consist of a warm-up using a range of fun judo focussed activities, then the teaching of specific judo moves followed by controlled practice of those moves with a partner.  Through regular practice, participants will improve their posture and balance, build and strengthen core muscles, improve co-ordination and increase body awareness; all attributes which align to the national PE curriculum, which is focused on developing the foundation ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination).


In addition to the physical benefits of learning judo, students will also gain a small insight into Japanese life, culture and language, providing an additional learning opportunity outside of the classroom setting.

Who runs the classes?

Most classes will be delivered by our two award winning and fully qualified coaches, Eddie Orgee and Caz Rawlings.  Both have enhanced DBS checks, have completed the required First Aid and Safeguarding & Protecting Children training and are qualified to UKCC Level 2 in Coaching Judo. 


In 2018 Eddie was the Medway 'Sportscoach of the Year' and Caz was the Silver Award winner for Medway 'Sportsperson of the Year'.

They have been involved with judo for many years, are still competitively active and are current members of the Great Britain Masters Squad. Eddie has competed at World Masters Championship level, taking a 5th place in 2019; he won a Gold at the 2019 Commonwealth Masters Championships and has been the British Masters Champion in his category several times.


Caz was a junior British Champion, a Cadet International GB squad member, has won the prestigeous Venray International Tournament and has been a British Masters Champion in her category.  In 2018 she added to previous World and European Bronze medals with Silver medals at both the World Masters Judo Championships and the Commonwealth Masters Judo Championships.  Then, in 2019 she repeated her success at the Commonwealth Judo Championships with another fantastic Silver medal.

Together they bring a wealth of experience, energy and fun to the sessions.


How will the classes be delivered?

Classes can be delivered as part of a full term or half term program.  However, we encourage schools and colleges to sign up for a minimum of one full term (autumn, spring or summer) as this enables the students to gain a better understanding of the sport and work towards completing a possible first grading within the sport's grading syllabus.  All equipment, including a specialist judo mat area will be provided if the school does not already have suitable equipment.

How much would the classes cost?

The cost for delivering each class depends on the number of children taking part, the length of the class required and whether you are booking more than one class per day as there could be reduced rates for schools and colleges booking one or more classes on the same day.  For a detailed quote just email us with your requirements.

The cost will cover the delivery and laying of up to a 9m x 9m specialist judo mat judo area (subject to the space made available), the class itself with two fully qualified coaches and use of our judo jackets and belts.  Any certificates and awards required can be agreed with the coaches when discussing the detailed requirements.


Is there a wider educational benefit to the school?

We recognise that schools aim to provide children with as many opportunities as possible to help them develop and become the very best that they can be.  We believe that the study of judo can help students develop some key life skills, which can be transferred to the classroom and to other subjects.  The discipline required on the judo mat and the sense of achievement children and young adults can experience through engaging in judo can also enhance their learning, social and emotional behaviour and can give them a positive attitude in a variety of settings. 


Judo is a simple way to engage children and young adults in a fun and rewarding sport which requires the school or college to provide nothing but the space in which to practice, such as a school hall, gym or even a large empty classroom.


Education through judo


As well as the physical education side of practicing judo, we also discuss and touch upon the following subject areas during lessons;

  • Geogaphy (looking at Japan and touching on its culture, and some of the other countries we visit for international tournaments)

  • Language (using Japanese terminology in all lessons and looking at some Japanese symbols and writing)

  • Science (the science of body mechanics and exercise and how the body moves and performs)  

Taster classes

We are happy to provide taster classes or deliver an introduction to judo as part of an assembly. Taster classes can be delivered in most school halls or gyms.